#ProjectInspire seeks to encourage secondary school children to pursue careers that promote, protect or participate in the natural environment.


Using my contacts as an environmental journalist, I will interview people working in the environment, in order to provide first hand knowledge about what their job entails and how they achieved it.  I will create an online library of interviews to guide young adults on their academic and professional journey.  Most important, however, is to provide a sense of inspiration for the next generation to work within the environmental sector.


Over the next 5 years Project Inspire will gradually increase this library seeking a broad range of environmental careers that school advisers and other online facilities cannot offer.  Interviewees could be anything from ecologists, marine biologists, bush craft specialists, publishers, lawyers, engineers.  As long as their careers benefit the natural environment, I will interview them!  


With limited life experience, it is unrealistic to expect young adults to make informed, fulfilling and enduring decisions about their future career paths.  For those interested in the environment, Project Inspire will help fill that much needed gap by providing detailed information about what choices the environmental sector has to offer and how to achieve it.