Environmental Journalist


Overview - 25th February 2017

Choosing a career can be a daunting prospect for a young adult.  This process is made considerably harder when decisions have to be based on assumptions and guess work.  Why on earth should a 14 year old have even heard of an in-vitro meat scientist, let alone know what it involves...never mind if it would be appealing.


School career advice has come a long way but it lacks the depth and detail to truly inform and inspire children.  This project seeks to plug that gap in the environmental sector.


Project Inspire will strive to create a library of interviews with successful and motivating people across a broad spectrum of environmental jobs.  Children can access these interviews online to find out what jobs there are and what they entail.

3rd March 2017 - World Wildlife Day 2017


This year's theme for #worldwildlifeday is "Listen to the Young Voices."  It felt like a perfect day to officially launch Project Inspire on my social media.  It also encouraged everyone to do just one thing, however small to help wildlife.  Project Inspire is my one thing.

10th - 19th March 2017 - Southampton Science and Engineering Festival (SOTSEF)


On arrival at #SOTSEF17 I was greeted by a woman working

for the  STEM Ambassador's Programme.  This amazing

organisation has 35,000 volunteers who dedicate their time

and expertise to encourage youngsters into Science,

Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  You might see

where this is going now.


Project Inspire slots seamlessly into their objectives so it will

be advertised to their many volunteers as a suitable project.  

Thus allowing me to tap into a group of passionate people

perfect for interviewing.


SOTSEF runs annually offering science activities across

Southampton to run alongside #ScienceWeek.

On the final Saturday there is a free Science and Engineering

Day that showcases some of the brightest and most innovative

scientific and engineering ideas and research at the University.

It is really worth putting in your 2018 diary.  Also suitable

for absolutely all ages which is quite an achievement.


I met many inspiring undergraduates/post-graduates involved

with a diverse array of research projects.  The photograph

shows a prototype of the Lunar Space Hopper and two

undergraduates involved in its design and production.



9th March 2017 - Focus in On Life


Good and bad news.  I applied this week for funding to help with the inevitable costs of this project.  Unfortunately, the geographical and time scale of Project Inspire are outside their normal criteria so it was declined.  However, I have made significant inroads into the financial and logistical planning.  Suddenly realising how big this project is!!  


I also met an amazing lady called Hazel Smith who set up Focus in on Life when her son died.  She raises money from his photography and puts it into other worthy local projects that support conservation, sustainable living, horticulture and environmental awareness.  Not sure I would have the strength of character to achieve that after such a tragic life event.


University of Southampton Lunar Hopper - Jack Tyler and Adrian Dumitrescu