Environmental Journalist


My feral upbringing on a farm in Suffolk clearly shaped my knowledge of nature and love of the natural environment.  Idyllic days were spent exploring fields, scrutinizing aquatic species in abandoned pools and rescuing trapped birds from neighbouring orchards.  However, I felt this shamelessly Enid Blyton childhood only fuelled an already innate passion.  Whatever my future, I was destined to embrace the environment.


My grandfather, Michael Joseph, established a publishing company, and this tempered my unbridled upbringing with a world of books.  It also shaped hesitant childhood aspirations to become a journalist.  Unfortunately, a ruthlessly successful journalist in our extended family spawned emphatic maternal disapproval and inadvertently quashed my career.  I was too young and biddable to be defiant.  That came later.


After 15 years farming, a marriage, two children and a divorce under my belt I resolved to establish my ideal career.  My innate passion for the planet and its biodiversity and an intolerance of injustice combined with

my stubborn nature directed me back to jounalism.  Ambitious to facilitate change by exposing the discourses that blindly steer our society.  I aspired to write our wrongs.


My idealism and drive have enabled me to achieve a First Class BSc Honours degree (Environmental Studies) at the OU whilst raising two daughters alone.  The OU's autonomous approach requires a determined, independent and conscientious mind set to graduate.  I am proud to count myself amongst them.  


Areas of specialisation are politics, energy and biodiversity.  I am particularly interested in illegal wildlife trade, marine exploitation, corporate and political power, consumerism,

rights and responsibilities and discourses that inhibit or promote action.  I am also an experienced international terrestrial and marine wildlife photographer.


I am told to brace myself for the inevitable editorial rejection, a life of penury and social disapproval at a non-conformist work style.  However, all I can feel is a sense of excitement at the challenge ahead.  So watch this space!